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Latapult offers comprehensive, up-to-date land data and project-transforming insights for clients.

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Our platform acts as a centralized hub that contains millions of dollars of GIS data, powering environmental, demographic, geospatial, and topographic insights.


Our extensive GIS data coverage facilitates quality land searches for both large-scale and local queries, so you can stay one step ahead no matter where your business takes you.

Regularly Refreshed

Our data is the most comprehensive you’ll find, updated on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis, depending on trusted provider sources.

Latapult’s GIS Software Features In-Depth Datasets

parcel data

Parcel Data

Capture detailed parcel information to assess property and building attributes based on ownership, value per acre, addresses, property and market values, transaction information, and more.

land data

Land Data

Determine the potential of vacant land, sorted from parcel boundaries, based on factors including building footprints, value per acre, improvement value, land transactions, and land use categories.


Transaction Data

Gauge various markets by area with records of residential and commercial parcel transactions including insights into volume, sale price, price per square foot, acreage, tax values, year built, and more.

zoning data

Zoning Data

Keep track of the ever-changing nature of zoning districts and ordinances with easily accessible zoning code and zoning type data.

points of interest

Points of Interest Data

Find land in proximity to desired features and amenities such as banks, business and services, construction and manufacturing, convenience stores and gas stations, education, entertainment and recreation, food services, government and public service, grocery, healthcare, lodging, miscellaneous, religion, retail, and transport.

wetlands and water data

Wetlands and Water Data

Analyze natural resources for adaptive management, geospatial summaries, and modeling based on forested wetland, non-forested wetland, salt marsh, water, stream, river, canal, ditch, pipeline, connector, underground conduit, and coastline information.


Economic Data

Decide where to invest in or develop with details on Federal Opportunity Zones, New Market Tax Credit Census Tracts, Qualified Census Tracts, and more – determining site value based on economic benefits.

topography data

Topography Data

Plan for smarter land use with topography data that includes percent slope for the contiguous USA; four classifications of 0-5%, 5-10%, 10-25%, and greater than 25% slope; and USGS national elevation information.

soil data

Soil Data

Whether avoiding detrimental soil types or exploiting quality soil best suited for crops, balance risk and reward with data on hydrologic groups, drainage class, depth to bedrock, USGS seismic hazard map, and prime farmlands.


Energy Data

Take advantage of necessary electric infrastructure by determining property proximity to existing service areas, power and transmission lines, and substations.


FEMA Flood Data

Carefully plan for risk with insights into changes since last FIRM, effective, preliminary and pending national flood hazards, and National Risk Index to identify communities most at risk for 18 natural hazards.

census data

Census Data

Gain a clear, concise breakdown of all census demographics vital to the makeup of an area like population, age, sex, race, household income and occupancy, home values, mode of transportation, migration, job industries, commute times, and more.

USA Data

USA Data

Estimate federal opportunities with USA-specific data on economic events, telecom, buildings, civic, conservation, education, EPA, land cover, places, and more.


Transportation Data

Choose the road to success by investing in land nearest desired transportation routes such as roads and railways, ports and airports, and more, while also identifying busy areas based on traffic count.

custom data layers

Custom Data Layers

If you need to import attribute-level data, or integrate with other systems like a CRM, you may need Latapult Custom. Let our team of GIS experts tailor our software to your organizational needs.

Latapult's Changelog

Data is essential, but ever-changing. We never stop searching for new datasets to add to our platform and are always improving, refining, and expanding how our clients can apply GIS data to understand land.


Thorough and up-to-date information is our backbone. Our data is refreshed on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis, depending on our trusted provider sources. Curious when our data was last updated?

Flood and substation data depicted in Latapult's GIS mapping platform

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