About Latapult

We’re on a mission to empower professionals to make location-smart business decisions. Our comprehensive data combined with dynamic mapping and collaboration tools ensure true clarity and insight.

Our roots are in GIS mapping.

Are you struggling to make informed decisions with disparate data sources and static maps? Let Latapult boost your confidence.


From our roots as GIS experts with deep experience in geospatial data analysis, we’ve created a platform that offers the most comprehensive data and user-friendly collaboration tools to power projects across industries based on current environmental, demographic, geospatial, and topographic information.


We are the GIS experts so you don’t have to be. We are passionate about blending complex data, science, and art altogether in a beautiful way that is simple and digestible – enabling you to make quick, informed decisions with confidence.


We act as a trusted partner to clients.

We want clients to feel empowered to conduct their own suitability analysis and glean relevant project insights. But if and when they need help, they have the personalized support of our in-house experts.


We support over 300 businesses nationwide in uncovering insights that transform projects in industries ranging from renewable energy and utilities to homebuilding. Whether quickly and strategically justifying, approving, negotiating, and walking away from land deals, or determining the best approach to parcel development, our clients are confident in their decisions.


Since our inception, we’ve helped clients speed up land research 50 times over, saving them thousands of dollars a piece in money and resources. It’s why many of our clients use our platform daily and take us wherever they go.


We’re constantly improving.

Data is essential, but ever-changing. We never stop searching for new datasets or introducing new tools and features to our platform so we can power project-transforming insights for clients. We’re always improving, refining, and expanding how people can apply GIS mapping to understand land.


We love pushing the limits and discovering fun and creative ways to communicate information across industries, experience levels, and geographies.


Our GIS software can be customized.

We understand that sometimes organizations benefit from a tailor-made GIS platform. Whether they need to import attribute-level data, improve workflows with project tracking, or integrate with other systems like a CRM, our team of GIS experts can tailor our software to any organization. 


We love helping clients take our data and collaboration tools to the next level to solve their unique challenges.

Latapult Custom

Why Latapult?

Bigger Data. Faster Maps. Stronger Decisions.
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Comprehensive Land Data

Comprehensive Land Data

Access millions of dollars worth of regularly updated GIS data, powering environmental, demographic, geospatial, and topographic insights.

Location Smart Decisions

Location-Smart Decisions

Simplify complex data to confidently problem-solve and make validated business decisions.

Seamless Collaboration

Seamless Collaboration

Combine dynamic GIS mapping with your industry expertise to easily share site plans and information with colleagues and stakeholders.

Our team of GIS experts

Our dynamic mapping software with top-notch collaboration tools wouldn’t be what it is without our dedicated team of GIS developers and geospatial analysts. Meet the people behind our raved-about innovation and expert client support teams.
Headshot of Christopher Nichols, Latapult's General Manager
Christopher Nichols General Manager

Chris possesses over 30 years of experience in GIS and remote sensing technology — serving as general manager and leader of the Latapult team from day one. His passion for creating simple but powerful geospatial solutions, partnered with the cross-collaboration and intensity of Latapult’s multifaceted team, makes managing our full-cycle product development from concept to market possible. Chris works with clients to accelerate faster, smarter decision-making. The only thing more expansive than his GIS knowledge might be his extensive record collection.

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Headshot of Megan Dulamal, Latapult's Business Development Manager
Megan Dulamal Business Development Manager

Megan began extensively traveling while growing up, and her love of maps grew as she was able to explore new destinations. With a Master’s Degree in Urban and Regional Planning and nearly 10 years of professional GIS experience, including spatial data analysis, map graphic design, data acquisition, and database design, Megan revels in creating a personalized support system for all of our clients.

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Headshot of Preston Evans, Latapult's Geospatial Systems Specialist
Preston Evans Geospatial Systems Specialist

Preston has over a decade of experience working with a wide array of geospatial data and web-based and mobile GIS applications, from database design and data collection to data management and analysis. He plays a key role in creating and streamlining processes required to provide clients with nationwide, up-to-date, and visually interesting datasets — requiring competency in many different forms of data subjects and types. Preston received his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Kentucky. Additionally, Preston has achieved his GISP certification and his Drone Pilot License.

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Headshot of Spencer Johnson, Latapult's GIS Data Solutions Manager
Spencer Johnson GIS Data Solutions Manager

Spencer uses his decade and a half of GIS experience, including geospatial analysis, digitization, database design, field mapping, and map creation, to collaborate with clients across the U.S. in continually improving our data quality and usability. Spencer’s first professional GIS positions took him to international locations where he gained extensive knowledge. He obtained his Master’s Degree in Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing, and his extensive background has contributed to making Latapult the essential GIS tool it is today. 

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Latapult's Customer Success Manager, Kristi Perikly
Kristi Perikly Customer Success Manager

Kristi has over a decade and a half of professional GIS analysis and graphic design experience. Having worked for municipal planning and transportation departments in Arizona after receiving her Master’s Degree in Geographic Information Systems, Kristi gained expertise in spatial data acquisition and geoprocessing, database and geodatabase design, cartographic design, spatial modeling, web programming, and more. Kristi also holds her GISP certification and has her Drone Pilot License.

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Headshot of Lauren Ruiz, Latapult's Full-Stack Developer
Lauren Ruiz Full-Stack Developer

Lauren completed the Full Stack Web Development program from Bloom Institute of Technology and plays an integral role on our development team. Having completed a Masters of Science in Chemistry from St. John’s University, Lauren’s background provides our team with a fresh perspective and diverse problem-solving skills. She leads the development and design of our application, databases, and backend architecture, while constantly improving the program with new and rapidly changing technologies.

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Headshot of Jordan Baltes, Latapult's Senior Full-Stack Developer
Jordan Baltes Senior Full-Stack Developer

Jordan is a self-starter who taught himself to code and develop projects from scratch, leading him to hold titles such as Chief Technology Officer, Senior Software Engineer, and Algorithmic Trader throughout his professional journey. Jordan obtained his Bachelor’s Degree from Duke University. He works on the backend to enhance our platform by introducing data layers, updates, and new application features regularly to our clients.

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In the arena of math and science, GIS lets you create true pieces of art. I love the versatility of GIS.
Spencer Johnson
GIS Data Solutions Manager , Latapult
I love GIS because you can see in an instant what would take paragraphs to explain with words. GIS allows you to blend statistics, science, and art altogether in a helpful and beautiful way.
Kristi Perikly
Customer Success Manager , Latapult
GIS makes it easy to find an ideal location by combining layers and cool symbologies to create a pattern or insight invisible in ordinary data. Maps are fun and everyone loves them because they are so awesome at telling a visual story.
Christopher Nichols
General Manager , Latapult
GIS empowers the average person to see and think through the lens of a geographer.
Preston Evans
Geospatial Systems Specialist , Latapult


  • Why do AEC firms use Latapult?

    Latapult has due diligence layers and mapping tools that give firms the ability to speed up operations and build client relationships. Check out some of our GIS tools and features.

  • What do land developers use Latapult for?

    Latapult is often used for managing the due diligence process for land development, land redevelopment, and land subdivision. But we understand that clients’ land mapping needs may vary, so we’ve designed Latapult to be scalable and adaptable to fit into almost any workflow.

  • How do I use other systems like CAD along with GIS?

    GIS was not designed to replace systems like CAD but can work alongside this technology to enhance the site design process. Through our import tool, clients can upload CAD site layouts to quickly visualize plans against dozens of Latapult layers for a fast, in-depth look at the surrounding environment.


  • How often is Latapult’s property data updated?

    We update our parcel layers on a quarterly basis. Check out our Changelog for details.

  • How many people can access Latapult under one plan?

    Individuals can sign up for a Single User Metro, State, or USA package. Team packages are available for 3, 5, or 10 people. Have more than 10 users? No problem! Contact us, and we’d be happy to discuss your options!

  • Do I need to understand GIS software to use Latapult?

    Not at all! We built Latapult to make GIS technology accessible for all land stakeholders. If you have access to the internet, you can use Latapult anytime, anywhere.

  • How can I access energy datasets?

    Our energy datasets are available at the state and USA subscription levels. Metro subscriptions do not include access to energy data.

  • What data is available with Latapult?

    In addition to property ownership, value, and sale data, Latapult provides access to national historic places, HUBZone data, wind data, elevations, wetlands, soils, points of interest, land zoning, census data, traffic counts, roads, municipal boundaries, flood hazard zones, large parcel layers, and much more!

  • What devices does Latapult work with?

    Latapult is a web-based GIS program available on any computer, smartphone, or tablet with internet access. No app download required!

  • What do solar developers use Latapult for?

    With data coverage for the entire USA, Latapult gives utility-scale and community renewable energy developers the ability to enter new markets while streamlining site evaluation workflows. With scalable features, clients can find and evaluate sites for solar farm suitability in seconds using Latapult’s customizable and easy-to-use GIS platform.

  • What regions does Latapult cover?

    We have land data available across the entire United States! Check out our plans designed for popular metro areas, state, and national research to see which package works for you and your land mapping needs.