GIS Software for Site Selection

Latapult transforms the way site selectors evaluate land and manage due diligence workflows, providing quality insights to advance clients’ site strategies.

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The challenge

Missing crucial land details can impact a company’s bottom line for years to come.

Organizations across sectors need land to meet specific criteria, such as having the proper soil for buildability, correct delineation of wetlands, and proper zoning to be successful. The site selection process becomes even more complex when considering land attributes tied to government regulations, community details, logistical needs, and more.


Without the proper tools, site selectors risk overlooking important land details, decreasing decision-making confidence.

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The solution

GIS Software for Determining Site Feasibility

Bypass the challenge of sifting through disparate land information with Latapult. Our comprehensive data layers and dynamic mapping tools allow you to quickly visualize and interact with land details that can impact site feasibility.


Don’t waste precious time and resources. Latapult streamlines the process of searching and analyzing for hidden land gems that solidify your clients’ success in relocating or expanding operations.

Flood and substation data depicted in Latapult's GIS mapping platform

We work with site selectors nationwide. Put your trust in experienced hands.

  • 300+

    Businesses nationwide

    Supported in uncovering insights that transform projects.

  • 50x

    Faster land research

    To justify, approve, and negotiate land deals quickly and strategically.

  • $1K+

    In savings a month per user

    On resources, labor, and more.

  • $1M+

    In GIS data

    Powering environmental, demographic, geospatial, and topographic insights.

Comprehensive GIS Data for Site Selectors

A single detail could be the factor that helps or hinders the growth of your clients. With the most up-to-date data, variables that impact the success of a site, such as size and shape of property, environmental risks, proximity to a quality supply chain, and prevailing government regulations, and the future employee or customer base come to life.


Provide your team a holistic view of external factors affecting project outcomes. Meet client expectations with Latapult.

Map chart displaying land sale data by calculated acres

Dynamic GIS Mapping Tools for Evaluating Land

Data is important, but with no way to quickly visualize and observe how essential site features interact, important details could go unnoticed. GIS tools, including our buildable area evaluator, graphs, charts, and more, help site selectors create realistic project scenarios to help clients build out robust location strategies.


Manage due diligence workflows and create interactive client presentations with Latapult to generate high-impact results.

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Customizable GIS Software for Unique Needs

Sometimes organizations benefit from a tailor-made GIS platform. Whether they need to import attribute-level data, improve workflows with project tracking, or integrate with other systems like a CRM, our team of GIS experts can tailor our software to any organization.


We love helping clients take our data and collaboration tools to the next level to solve their unique challenges.

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It’s lightweight and doesn’t require a ton of GIS programming or deep GIS knowledge like other systems out there.
Sharon Lam
Senior Vice President of Land Strategy , Tract
I really liked Latapult’s simplicity. It’s nice we don’t have to pay for a huge data set if we don’t need it. We value Latapult, and it’s not more than we need.
Henrietta Conrad
Real Estate Professional , Shingle Creek Capital