Close look at panels in a solar farm

Quickly and Easily Find and Evaluate Land for Solar Development

The site selection process for solar project development is complicated, requiring data from a variety of sources. Land characteristics that impact a site’s success include: ElevationSlopeWetlandsSoilFlood Risk, and Proximity to Transmission Lines.


The data then needs to be imported into your own geographic information system (GIS) software for analysis. The process could take hours, or even days, only to find in the end that the land in question isn’t viable.


But what if you could gather and analyze the data you need in just minutes?


How GIS Software Can Streamline Solar Site Selection


Web-based, user-friendly GIS software has all the data required to evaluate sites for solar project development anywhere in the United States, all in one place. Download our whitepaper to learn how you can benefit from assessing properties for solar farms with GIS.

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