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Success Story: Colliers Brings Listings to Market Faster with Latapult

Colliers International (NASDAQ: CIGI; TSX: CIGI) is an industry leading global real estate company with more than 15,000 skilled professionals operating in 68 countries. Colliers strong reputation is based not on what the company does, but how it does it. The commercial real estate broker encourages its team to think differently, share great ideas and create new, effective solutions that help clients accelerate success.

This approach to constant innovation is what led Colliers’ Savannah, Georgia, office to Latapult.

Market Momentum Shifts to Low Margin Lots

Urban infill lots were selling like wildfire in Savannah and the Coastal Georgia region, making such listings a hot commodity. But with low margins, spending significant time researching and prospecting the owners of these lots by sifting through parcel data not a productive way for Colliers’ commercial real estate brokers to spend their time. If Colliers could find a faster method to identify the owners and other pertinent parcel info, it could eliminate the time intensive research needed to secure clients and get listings on the market faster.

Hours of Work in Minutes

Once Colliers had access to Latapult’s parcel data, the company’s brokers could easily filter property data by the zones, sizes and locations it needed, quickly finding ownership information. With that data, Colliers could cull a targeted prospect database within minutes – eliminating the manual research previously required to build such a list with property analysis, and making urban infill lots a more promising, and lucrative, prospect.

Beyond faster access to potential listings, Latapult also provides Colliers’ brokers with enhanced ability for property data analysis, including street and aerial views, measuring tools and lot layout, allowing them to more accurately determine land development and acquisition options.

“We’re in a business that’s constantly moving, so I need fast access to land data multiple times a day,” Hilary said.

“Latapult’s information is more detailed and updated than other Savannah GIS information, and I’m able to save properties and set reminders for myself to keep up with that constant movement. I can do things in Latapult in 10 minutes that used to take hours.”

Latapult is a pioneer of an on-demand geographic land mapping and data visualization platform that is accelerating smart, data-driven decisions about valuable land like never before. To see how Latapult can help your commercial real estate business, get started here.