Land Acquisition

5 Ways GIS is Changing the Game for Real Estate Professionals

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Real estate professionals no longer hold all the keys when it comes to providing advice on buying and the cost to develop land. Potential investors look to online resources when looking for land to develop and property to invest in. Today’s clients have access to land and real estate data at their fingertips, making them more demanding than ever.

GIS (Geographic Information Systems) technology gives real estate professionals an edge to better serve their clients. By combining land data and maps, GIS helps professionals and their clients better understand the market and the factors that affect it. GIS applications depict data clients care about in the form of “layers”, such as flood zones, soil type, sinkhole potential, topography, and land size that will affect their bottom line. Web-based Latapult is an easy-to-use GIS application for land development and real estate.

Here are five ways real estate professionals are using Latapult to sell more properties:

1. Find Land and Property

GIS and real estate markets both center around location, which is a priority for home and property seekers. Latapult’s market data takes the guess work out of the sorting through tables and layers from antiquated resources like county parcel data or tax rolls. Saving you time and most importantly, giving your clients accurate information. Search for property attributes such as vacant land or a certain price point using Latapult’s up-to-date parcel data. Similarly, help clients learn more about the area by visualizing valuable data that impacts property such as land ownership, zoning, value per acre, flood zones and wetlands, municipal boundaries, census data, points of interest, and traffic counts.

2. Compare Pros and Cons of Real Estate Investment

Latapult puts your clients at ease by answering questions around a piece of property and running queries to test out scenarios. Measurement tools give clients an idea of what is happening around a location, not just where it is. Determine acreage, distance, and location coordinates using our measurement tool. Similarly, find its relation to points of interest using our buffer, travel area, and measurement tool. Knowing if your desired property is the right size and near desirable amenities is invaluable for your clients. For example, school zones for residential development or accessible highways for industrial and warehousing space. Finally, GIS allows you to compare features by overlaying different data layers. Evaluating land data that is important for property development or opening up a new business all on one screen.

3. Land Sale Data

With Latapult, you can quickly locate properties by address (1600 Pennsylvania Avenue), or place name (The White House). However, if your client does not have a specific piece of property in mind, search by data imperative to a buyer’s decision-making, such as land or property value, zip code, acreage, sale date, or owner.

4. Improve Communication for Real Estate Clients and Team Members

In a tech-centric world, visuals communicate things that an email or even face-to-face conversation cannot. For instance, export data tables and PDF maps of land, graphics like points, lines, polygons, and text to further personalize your map. Using Latapult on a team or in an office? Effortlessly drop pins for areas of interest or add notes, photos, and files to share leads with colleagues.

5. Mobile On-Demand

Real estate agents, brokers, and land developers aren’t likely to be found behind a desk eight hours a day, five days a week. Land professionals go where their clients are, and so does Latapult. Our real estate mapping technology is mobile on-demand and in real time. Therefore, giving professionals the power to assist clients any time on a tablet, smartphone, or computer.

Employing a GIS platform for land deals and acquisitions is a cost and time saving for all involved. Most importantly, this allows you to focus on selling properties, resulting in happier clients. Are you ready to enhance your business and wow your clientele? Get started with a free trial of Latapult today.