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How One Property Owner Association Uses GIS Software

Property owner associations have to ensure the success of an entire community by building relationships and trust among residents, prospective buyers, and neighboring properties. With GIS software, these associations can build community map layers to manage assets and quickly address questions or concerns from residents.

The Landings Association has been a Latapult (formerly geothinQ) client since 2014 for its community, The Landings. Since our partnership began, we’ve helped this POA through some of its best and hardest times.

Why did The Landings Association originally choose to work with Latapult?

The Landings Association needed a way to interact with its property and resident information, as well as infrastructure data, to make more informed decisions. In order to compile all their existing data in one place, Latapult worked with the association to get their data into our app and on the map. 

Back in 2016, The Landings Association’s (TLA) residential community was hit by back-to-back storms. After these passed, the POA needed a way to survey property damage across the community. TLA used Latapult’s mobile data collection capabilities to identify the hardest-hit areas and the properties with structural damage. With the collection and storage of this data, The Landings Association was able to chart the status of home damage and issue important restoration permits. These instances show how Latapult’s GIS software was able to assist the community in its most vulnerable moments.

3 Key Ways Property Owner Associations Use GIS Software

In addition to how The Landings Association uses Latapult, there are many benefits of GIS that POAs can take advantage of to make sure their communities are running smoothly. POAs can use specific Latapult tools to make their work easier by:

  1. Easily accessing resident information 
  2. Quickly answering resident questions about utilities, infrastructure, amenities, etc.
  3. Efficiently tracking the status of anything from architectural permits to ongoing site development 

Other key features include live collaboration, updates, and shareable data via public maps. Specifically, The Landings Association uses these tools to view public information like lagoon salinity, road conditions, trails & amenities, AED units, and utilities and convey this information to their residents. Over the years, our relationship with The Landings Association has grown significantly as the POA has used our app and its features for more uses than it originally planned.

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