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Sharing Data

Access to data is all the rage these days and datasets are relied on more than ever when making business decisions. With this, the ability to exchange and relay data has also increased. In a field with many technology options to choose from, firms use multiple programs and data types.

Latapult allows you to export data into familiar formats compatible with a variety of programs. Users can export search result boundaries and graphics as KMZ files, a popular Google Earth format that can also be converted into SHP or CAD files that can be brought into popular programs such as ArcGIS, AutoCAD, and Adobe Illustrator. Users can export table results as a Microsoft Excel compatible document.

How do our clients use it?

Each Latapult client is a part of their own professional and community network, so our data is flexible to keep up with the needs of the people you work with whether it be constituents, clients, or investors. This ability increases efficiency, and teams no longer have to wait to access important data.