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Location, location, location!  Your physical address can be the major deciding factor of whether your business, new development, or a company relocation makes it or breaks it.

Many land developers rely on transit data and traffic counts when determining how people will access your site, as well as how many people will pass by daily. However, while these sources are helpful, the time it takes to access a site is typically left out of the equation, which brings us back to location, location, location!  This is an important piece of information that should be at the forefront to ultimately answer the question – will this be convenient for the client?

With Latapult’s Travel Area tool, we can tell you how far of a distance you can travel to or from selected points by either walking or driving.

How Do Our Clients Use This Tool?

Our clients use this tool during site selection when they need to compare locations of potential sites and distance from competitors. Land developers and real estate professionals use our Travel Area tool to determine which site has the closest driving distance to local amenities, which is crucial for deciding where to build a new apartment complex.

Companies who understand the public’s need in having quick and affordable transit options can use the Travel Area tool to determine how far their assets are from public transit stops. When choosing a site, the tool helps retail site selectors visualize and compare distances to competitors in order to find a target area where there’s a shortage of a product or service.  The Travel Area tool is especially handy because it accounts for environmental barriers, such as waterways or large industrial operations that may affect the accessibility of a site.