geothinQ Rebrands to Latapult, Reflecting Company’s Mission to Empower GIS Data Use for Decision-Making

geothinQ brand transitions to the new Latapult GIS software logo.

SAVANNAH, GA – April 25, 2024 – geothinQ, a premier geographic information system (GIS) platform that powers data-validated, location-smart business decisions, today announced its rebrand as Latapult. This extensive rebrand supports the company’s move into a new age of dynamic mapping and cross-functional collaboration.

Latapult’s enhanced platform and revamped website will further empower business leaders to use GIS data for decision-making. 

“Our new name and look symbolize our commitment to innovation and excellence in geospatial technology. At Latapult, we are dedicated to offering the most comprehensive land data and top-notch collaboration tools to power decision-making. Our technology is the future of site selection and evaluation.”

Christopher Nichols, general manager of Latapult

In addition to a new name and expanded vision, Latapult also launched a new website that delivers an enhanced user experience and navigation capabilities, renewing its promise to be a powerful ally that clients can trust when making location-smart decisions. Latapult platform enhancements and features include:

  • Accessibility: Latapult software presents complex data, ranging from environmental and demographic to geospatial and topographic, in a way that is simple and digestible so anyone can uncover deep, meaningful insights – no matter their experience with GIS.
  • Collaboration: Latapult’s collaborative tools and features enable clients to share professional-grade maps with investors or pins with business developers– whether they’re next door or on the other side of the country. 
  • Transformative: Latapult continually updates datasets and introduces new tools and features. The company just introduced a new nationwide developer layer that allows one to track properties and developments and see the locations of other builders in an area of interest.
  • Adaptable: The Latapult platform integrates with other systems, such as a CRM, and accounts are customizable – Latapult’s team of GIS experts can tailor the software to each organization’s unique needs.

Over the past eight years, Latapult has continuously enhanced and expanded its GIS data layers and capabilities to improve the way clients understand land. This work has allowed the company to speed up land research by 50x, saving each client thousands of dollars in money and resources – which is why many use the platform daily and take it wherever they go.

“Latapult’s information is more detailed and updated than other GIS information. I can do things in Latapult in 10 minutes that used to take hours.”

Hillary Shipley, Principal at Colliers International

Latapult is a trusted GIS partner to over 300 businesses nationwide that span a variety of industries ranging from renewable energy and utilities to homebuilding and residential development. The new brand signifies a refreshed purpose while honoring the company’s heritage: to empower land developers, site selectors, property analysts, and other professionals to use GIS data for decision-making.

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