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A Year in Review: Moments That Truly Defined Latapult’s 2022

People often use the start of a new year to plan and set goals for a better year to come. But before making resolutions or setting yearly intentions, we must first reflect on the milestones and success of the previous year.

We started 2022 with the goal of spreading awareness and knowledge of the true benefits of GIS and mapping across industries like renewable energy, homebuilding, AEC and more. We’re proud to have made strides by attending the energy industry’s top conferences, enhancing our GIS platform, bringing on new customers and adding new faces to our team. Keep reading for a look at some of our best moments!

January: Announced Updated Software Features & New GIS Data Layers

Land professionals have historically faced challenges when it comes to researching and finding quality land for new projects such as spending hours manually pulling data from disparate resources or facing inadequate team collaboration… until they discovered the power of GIS. In order to combat these challenges, we continuously aim to make our GIS software a true one-stop-shop for land professionals across a variety of industries. 

We announced enhancements to some of the most used features in Latapult and introduced new data layers. Some of these new data layers include new economic data, live bookmarks, an improved buildable area tool, addition of EPA greenbook data and much more. All of these updates and additions make it easier for development teams to compare land and keep team members up to date on project details.

February: Attended RE+ NE Conference

Building on the momentum of our release, we were excited to show off these new capabilities at RE+ NE Conference! Our GIS experts, Christopher Nichols and Megan Dulamal, headed to Boston to engage with and learn from the energy industry’s top professionals. Despite only being in Boston for a few days, we were able to meet with some of our long-term customers and new friends alike. 

P.S. We’ll be back in Boston this February! Come chat with us at booth #506!

From improving our GIS software to hiring a new developer, geothinQ had a momentous 2022.

March: Launched Latapult’s Tune-Up Tuesday Video Series

With customers always top of mind, we often connect with our users to get a sense of what kinds of projects they are working on, the questions they might have, or how we can build a better workflow experience for them. Positive feedback around our excellent customer success team and continued communications with users led us to develop a new alleyway for customer support and prioritization. In early 2022, one of our Customer Success Managers, Kristi Perikly, created Latapult’s Tune-Up Tuesday video series focused on answering customer questions and showcasing some of our most impactful tools and features. From learning how to import data to utilizing the travel areas tool, customers can learn on the go!

April: Launched the Latapult Support Center

Speaking of customers, we also launched the Latapult Support Center on our website for the benefit of new and existing users. By creating an accessible support portal, our customers can quickly connect with our experts Megan and Kristi for any help they may need on navigating our platform or utilizing our variety of tools and data to build maps.

May: Released Our Homebuilding Infographic

At the start of 2022, demand within the housing market spiked and homebuilders were feeling the pressure. In the midst of a competitive market and increases in home sales, we released our homebuilding infographic that outlines data behind the benefits of GIS and Latapult for homebuilding and real estate teams. With Latapult, these teams can research and make quality land deals 50 times faster, ultimately beating out the competition. 

June: Welcomed Three New Interns

A personal goal for the Latapult team is to continuously spread the knowledge and love that we all have for GIS mapping with others. That’s why we were excited to welcome three new young professionals to our team for the summer. Throughout their time at Latapult, our interns played a big role in our success by creating maps for customers, updating our parcel county web pages, obtaining new zoning and land use data, and more. We’re excited to welcome a new set of interns this summer and help them navigate the industry on the way to a future career in GIS software!

From improving our GIS software to hiring a new developer, geothinQ had a momentous 2022.

July: Featured in North American Clean Energy

In light of recent expansions in alternative energy projects, such as solar farms, our General Manager, Christopher Nichols, took to North American Clean Energy to discuss how GIS can be used by solar developers to overcome industry challenges such as finding land that meets project criteria.

August: Hired a Full-Stack Developer

To prepare for platform advancements and greater success in 2023, we hired a new full-stack developer, Lauren Ruiz! She has been an awesome addition to our team and helps to improve the experience of our customers through updating our software and app. Moreover, she’s even hardcore outside of work as she wakes up at 4:30 a.m. everyday for CrossFit. 

geothinQ’s GIS Full-Stack Developer, Lauren Ruiz.

September: Attended RE+’s Solar Power International Event

In September, Christopher Nichols and Megan Dulamal traveled to Anaheim to attend the largest solar conference in North America, RE+’s Solar Power International. While there, we had an opportunity to connect with customers, network and really showcase the benefits of Latapult to attendees. 

From improving our GIS software to hiring a new developer, geothinQ had a momentous 2022.

October: Featured in pv magazine USA

Building on our time at the show, in order to showcase technologies’ role in clean energy transitions, Christopher Nichols spoke with John Weaver of pv magazine USA while at RE+ Solar Power International. By using GIS to analyze a piece of land with multiple data layers, solar developers can make high level calls before even visiting a project site. 

November: Celebrated GIS Day

Each November, the entire GIS community celebrates GIS Day. This year, we explored just how important GIS is in our everyday lives. Taking this birds-eye view of GIS software helped highlight the true importance of the technology. 

Members of our team, Preston Evans and Christopher Nichols, also participated in the virtual Savannah GIS Day. They presented GIS to local elementary school students to generate interest in the technology among potential future industry professionals.

From improving our GIS software to hiring a new developer, geothinQ had a momentous 2022.

December: Attended the Annual Holiday Party

To wrap up a wonderful 2022, members of the Latapult team attended an annual holiday party in Savannah! Spending time with our lovely team was a great way to end the year and kick off a new one.

From improving our GIS software to hiring a new developer, geothinQ had a momentous 2022.

During all of the excitement that happened at Latapult, we also have to give a big shoutout to our amazing customers. Afterall, we work (and play) hard, so that they can succeed. Throughout 2022, our customers used Latapult for a total of 116,000 hours, which saved an estimated 464,000 hours of manual work. That’s 4 hours of manual work saved for every 1 hour spent in the Latapult GIS platform!

Are you starting a new project in 2023 and need convenient GIS software? Fret not, Latapult is here! Sign up for a free trial today to learn how Latapult can help you succeed.