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Using GIS Software to Make More Informed Land Acquisition and Development Decisions: 3 Use Cases

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Between managing teams across counties or regions, meeting client expectations, and making smart project decisions, land professionals have a lot on their plate. And unfortunately, many of these stakeholders find themselves having to spend even more time on the long process of sifting through land data or having to analyze properties based on often incomplete information.

Insight From Real Latapult Users

We spoke with several Latapult users ranging from developers to brokers about their experience implementing GIS solutions into their workflows to combat some of these challenges. Here’s what they had to say about how the data has helped their teams make better, more informed land decisions efficiently.

“Latapult is easy to use, quick to adopt and a powerful tool for every step of the project development process. We would be lost without it.”

What were the challenges your team was facing before discovering GIS software?

“We previously relied on a combination of Google, county maps, and GIS systems to complete property research,” said customer Chuck Mitchell, senior commercial sales associate, Parker Scott Properties. “This was a time-consuming and frustrating procedure, requiring the use of multiple, inconsistent, and often incomplete resources.”

What made you seek a GIS application like Latapult?

With low margins in their region, customer Hilary Shipley, an associate at Colliers, needed a faster way to identify landowners and parcel information to keep up with market competition. “We were spending significant time researching and prospecting the owners of lots by sifting through parcel data which was not a productive use of my team’s time.”

That’s when the company remembered previously seeing Latapult’s search functionalities and geospatial data in action. “We introduced Latapult into our team’s workflows, so our brokers could spend more time securing clients and getting listings on the market faster.”

What are the top benefits your company has experienced as a result of using GIS technology to make better land decisions?

Whether it’s saving time or money, many of our customers have expressed seeing an improvement in the way they operate after adopting a mapping application like Latapult.

“We’re in a business that’s constantly moving, so I need fast access to land data multiple times a day. I can do things in Latapult in 10 minutes that used to take hours,” said Shipley.

One of our solar customers has also benefited from our tools noting, “Latapult is easy to use, quick to adopt, and a powerful tool for every step of the project development process. We would be lost without it.”