2022 Holiday Season: 12 Days of Latapult!


The Latapult team is made up of professionals who love to work with GIS and ensure customer success through easy-to-use land software. But we are much more than just GIS experts!

To highlight our unique people, we asked each member of our team to share fun facts about themselves this holiday season – aka the 12 Days of Latapult! Get to know our team below:

1. What is your favorite holiday?

“Christmas because there’s great food, and you get to spend time with family and gifts. It’s perfect.” Preston Evans, Geospatial Systems Specialist

“I love Christmas, but it would be even better if it started in September and ended in February.” 

Lauren Ruiz, Full-Stack Developer
2. What is your favorite thing about the winter holiday season?

“All the cozy vibes like spending chilly Saturday mornings wrapped in blankets with a cup of coffee and a good book.” 

Megan Dulamal, Customer Success Manager

“Now that I live in Wisconsin, it would have to be the winter outdoor recreation including skiing, sledding, snow hikes, and snowshoeing. As someone who didn’t grow up with a ton of snow, even snow blowing is fun!” – Preston Evans

3. What is on your bucket list?

“I would love to Greek dance on the island of Corfu where my family is from.” – Kristi Perikly, Customer Success Manager

“I want to fully circumnavigate the Earth.”

Christopher Nichols, General Manager
4. What’s your favorite food?

“I absolutely love Peach Mango Pie from Jollibee! It’s worth the drive to Jacksonville!” – Lauren Ruiz

“It’s impossible for me to pick just one because it’s literally anything my parents make. My mom makes the most amazing Filipino food and my dad makes the best short ribs on the planet.” – Megan Dulamal

5. Who is your most listened-to artist?

“I’ve seen 311 in concert roughly 25 times, which isn’t a lot if you’re considered an “excitable one” (aka a true 311 fan).” – Kristi Perikly

“My favorite band is the White Stripes.” – Spencer Johnson, GIS Data Solutions Manager

“I listen to Gram Parsons, Mantronix, and Duke Ellington all the time.” – Christopher Nichols

6. What movie have you seen the most times?

“If I’m being honest with how many times I’ve seen it, it’s National Lampoon’s European Vacation.” – Kristi Perikly

“3 Idiots. It’s the best Bollywood film out there if you want a little bit of comedy, drama, and suspense!” – Lauren Ruiz

“Mine would have to be a tie between ‘Tucker & Dale vs. Evil’ and ‘Kung Fu Panda 2.’” – Megan Dulamal

7. What is your favorite random fact or statistic?

“The founder of Atari also created Chuck E. Cheese.” – Kristi Perikly

“The first person convicted of speeding was going eight mph.” – Lauren Ruiz 

“Zebra sharks, which are covered in spots as adults, are named so because adolescent sharks are actually born with stripes!” – Megan Dulamal

“One lakh (a unit in the Indian numbering system) is equal to 100,000.” – Spencer Johnson

8. What actor would you choose to play you in your biopic?

“I would choose Awkwafina because I want my biopic to be a comedy.” – Lauren Ruiz

“I would choose Simone Ashley (she plays Kate in Bridgerton).” – Megan Dulamal

“It would have to be Burt Reynolds.”

Spencer Johnson

“I would pick Dave Chapelle to play me.” – Christopher Nichols

9. What job did you want as a kid?

“I wanted to be a ballerina, doctor, and recycling princess all at the same time.” – Kristi Perikly

“I have always wanted, and still want to be, Indiana Jones.” – Megan Dulamal

“I wanted to be a weatherman before I even knew what GIS was. I would constantly watch the weather channel and study the maps. It makes sense now why I enjoyed it.” – Preston Evans

“When I was a kid, I wanted to be a golf course architect.” – Spencer Johnson

“I wanted to be a rock star.” – Christopher Nichols

10. What is your favorite workplace memory?

“Celebrating Megan’s master’s degree in downtown Savannah with the team definitely ranks highly! But I also have so many good Filipino food memories with Lauren!” – Kristi Perikly

“One Friday I told Kristi I was craving cookies, and the following Monday she came and gave me some. That definitely made my week!” – Lauren Ruiz

“One day, we got a work truck stuck in the mud on a rural South Carolina dirt road while field validating a dataset that we developed showing where trees were clear-cut. We had to wait hours for a tow truck to come to pull us out of the mud. Looking back at it now it was a funny and great bonding experience but did not feel like it at the time.” – Preston Evans

11. What’s your favorite thing about working with GIS?

“I love figuring out a solution to a complex problem by using only a few tools (love that “aha” moment that saves a ton of time).” – Kristi Perikly

“There are so many amazing tools you can use, but my favorite part is getting to create beautiful and informative maps and getting to see them used out in the world!” – Megan Dulamal

“I like the way GIS and its tools can quickly explain and illustrate a concept as it relates to where something is in the world.” – Preston Evans

“I love getting to create visuals and tell stories with maps.” – Christopher Nichols

12. What’s your favorite thing to do in Savannah, Georgia?

“I love going to the great midtown coffee shops and reading a book for a bit.” – Kristi Perikly

“My favorite thing to do is go to little events here and there. Most recently, I went to the Seafood Festival and it was amazing!” – Lauren Ruiz

“I live in Atlanta now, but I’m from Savannah originally. Going home and having a weekend morning coffee on the back deck of my parent’s house looking over the marsh is my absolute favorite thing to do.” – Megan Dulamal

“I no longer live in Savannah, but when I did, my favorite things to do were going out to eat at any of the many restaurants in town and just walking around the historic district to enjoy the city and scenery.” – Preston Evans

“I like to cruise the Starland District with my wife and kids in the double stroller.” – Spencer Johnson

“I enjoy visiting the nearby Tybee Island.” – Christopher Nichols

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