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3 Benefits of Latapult’s GIS Platform for Land Investors

Now that the economy is improving, momentum is growing across industries and competition among land investors is heating up. Land has become an increasingly attractive investment, with desirable locations producing excellent returns. The resulting demand and land scarcity is causing new levels of competition, and investors need to be ready to make fast decisions.

Of particular note, land in areas with job growth is being quickly snatched up, indicating that investors need reliable insights on these markets to move fast and keep up with the competition in red hot markets such as housingindustrial, farming, and commercial

GIS technology like Latapult is needed to keep up with present and future demand. Why? Continue reading to learn three benefits of our GIS platform in helping you outpace other investors, save time, and more.

1. One Centralized Data Source to Make the Investment Process Easier

Land data has historically been collected in various ways and stored in a number of disjointed sources, which can make it difficult for land investment teams to uncover relevant and useful data. Instead of sifting through multiple resources, with the Latapult GIS platform you can explore and search land data locally or from across the country all from the palm of your hand — giving you the ability to visualize valuable decision factors such as soils, elevation, wetlands and flood zones that can impact the success of a project. 

We also have a multitude of tools that can make land research and site selection easier. For instance, the top four Latapult tools land investors will want to use to be successful are:

  • Nationwide Property Searches: Explore and search for various parcels of land data to narrow in on suitable land options.
  • Due Diligence Layers: Manage workflows and keep your project on track to accelerate the pace of your research and offers.
  • Buildable Area ToolPick your property or draw your own boundary to compute a buildable area based on various data sets and quickly determine the feasibility of a land selection.
  • Pins & Bookmarks: Track projects and leads and share with your team to achieve better project alignment and team collaboration.

2. Cut Down Research Time to Keep Up with Market Demand & Competition

Plots of land are being snapped up left and right – indicating that fast investment decisions are needed to beat out this competition. It is now more important than ever to stay ahead, as land investors in every industry jump at the chance to buy property and start developing. In fact, in 2021, investment volumes in tertiary markets jumped to $147 billion.

Our GIS platform can help you pick the perfect piece of land before anyone else. With each of our platform’s tools, your team can save hours during the research phase to speed up the investment process — ultimately winning the race to quality land deals.

3. Better Insights Lead to Greater Investment Confidence

Our GIS platform is centralized, fast, and informative – giving your team everything they need in the palm of their hand. Just because you have to move fast in today’s hot market, doesn’t mean you should lose out on quality land data to make smart deals. In addition to land investors having the ability to quickly search for potential parcels, our GIS platform can also answer the pressing site selection questions you might have to ease any hesitations and confirm the feasibility of a potential project. With better land insights, your team will have the confidence it needs to make a return-worthy investment, strike quickly, and beat out the competition.

Are you ready to get ahead of your competition and stand out in the industry? Contact us to get your land investment team integrated with Latapult.